The Universe is in Your Eyes

These days.


IBreathtaking Satellite Photos of Earth from the European Space Agency (ESA)

The European Space Agency (ESA) presented a collection of images of the Earth taken from the satellite. More here.

The ESA has an incredible Observing the Earth archive that’s updated every week and each satelitte image is usually accompanied by a brief essay to explain a bit about what you’re looking at. Collected here are some of my favorite images from the last few years taken with too many different satellites to mention, and you can search photos back through 2005.

(via lysergic-acid-diethylamide)

Deep within everyone’s heart there always remains a sense of longing for that hour, that summer, that one brief moment of blossoming. For several weeks or months, rarely longer, a beautiful young woman lives outside ordinary life. She is intoxicated. She feels as if she exists beyond time, beyond its laws; she experiences not the monotonous succession of days passing by, but moments of intense, almost desperate happinness.

—Irène Némirovsky (via observando)

Like a powerful telescope, the concentrated mind can open us to vast mystical states including realms of light, visions, rapture, and illumination. Like polishing a lens on a microscope, concentration can allow us to see more deeply into the body and mind.

—Jack Kornfield  (via theuniverseworks)