The Universe is in Your Eyes

These days.

If we’re dating, you can have your freedom…you’re not my prisoner. Just stay loyal & be honest. That’s all I ask.

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The most intriguing people you will encounter in this life are the people who had insights about you, that you didn’t know about yourself.

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Brand New

—Seventy Times 7

Seventy Times 7 | Brand New
"Is that what you call a getaway? Tell me what you got away with ‘cause I’ve seen more spine in jellyfish, I’ve seen more guts in eleven-year-old kids."

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Sometimes I want to hurt myself and the only thing that stops me is knowing you’re going to see my naked body. I don’t want to hurt anymore. You make it easier, you make me feel softer.

My father was one of those people who were born mean. He had fists like bricks. I’ve crossed paths since with men like him. I wish I could say differently, but I have. And what I’ve learned is that you dig a little and you find they’re all the same, give or take. Some are more polished, granted. They may come with a bit of charm - or a lot - and they can fool you. But really they’re all unhappy little boys sloshing around in their own rage. They feel wronged. They haven’t been given their due. No one loved them enough. Of course they expect you to love them. They want to be held, rocked, reassured. But it’s a mistake to give it to them. They can’t accept it. They can’t accept the very thing they’re needing. They end up hating you for it. And it never ends because they can’t hate you enough. It never ends - the misery, the apologies, the promises, the reneging, the wretchedness of it all.

And the Mountains Echoed, Khaled Hosseini (via creatingaquietmind)

I feel nauseous idek how to do this with you or with anyone. I’m so bitter. And I don’t want to be.